We will try to support you any way we can so that you can stay connected to your church family! 

Please leave a voice mail message at the church office, 

M-F 9 AM-4 PM 715-355-1617, and we will get back to you!

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  • View the Sermon outline, scripture text, Announcements/Prayer Requests, take notes, and sign up to donate... all on your mobile device!

    Once you download the App, open  the app during the Livestream. At the lower right will be 3 horizontal lines next to the word "MORE". Click on "MORE", click on "EVENTS," select "Bethany Baptist Church" and follow along!

  • Don't miss an event! All Bethany events are on ZOOM, listed on this site! Scroll up to see all the events!

  • how to Join a zoom meeting on your phone

    Call 1-312-626-6799 and at the prompt enter the MEETING ID number. You will join the meeting with "audio" only.