Missionary prayer alerts

Ukraine & Living Stones, Int.

Urgent prayer for our friends in Sumy, Ukraine

1. Sumy, Ukraine is being bombed with drones and civilians died in the attacks. Andrei was a translator for us in previous visits to Ukraine. He writes," Me and my family are safe. It was a blow to a residential area very close to my workshop, on the same street. I was there with the windows open in my shop and you could hear everything.These were four shaheed drones, guided by GPS. So they seem to be aiming specifically for residential buildings.”

Pray for peace for Ukraine, and for our friends in Sumy to be safe. Pray for the families dealing with loss.

Prayer request from Living Stones International

1. Please pray for Christians in Manipur, India who are facing intense persecution from Hindu radicals- 100 churches have been burned down, and 50 are dead over the last 20 months. There is great fear and uncertainty- pray for God's divine protection, strength, steadfast faith and comfort. Pray the perpetrators would have a change of heart and be touched by God's redeeming grace.

2. Please pray for a young woman who has gone missing in Cairo May 20. Pray for this young woman's safe return, for her family during this difficult time, and for all those who face the threat of persecution and kidnapping in Egypt.