the latest email from laura 11/11 9PM

As November 14 quickly approaches I would like to remind you to fill out your co-sponsorship worksheets and return them to me.  We need this information to clearly assess how our group is coming together and in what areas we are still looking for help.  As always, if you need more information or would like me to help with anything please feel free to contact me.  I would like to quickly add that ECDC held an informational meeting for leaders of potential co-sponsorship teams this evening.  It contained a lot of valuable information and answered a lot of questions.  Please look out for our next meeting date that will take place sometime in the next couple of weeks.  At that time, I will have been able to read through and assess the worksheets to have a defined vision of how our group can move forward in our process and I will be able to review the ECDC meeting that took place tonight.

(Form is in the FORMS AND DOCUMENTS section.)

stay informed about refugees coming to our area

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    NEW BEGINNINGS for Refugees is a Wausau-based community organization which supports refugees throughout critical stages of the resettlement process in Central Wisconsin. We strive to complement the work of ECDC, an experienced national resettlement agency who is opening an office in Wausau.


  • Dec 5 TBD informational refugee meeting

    Stay informed about how to be involved with Refugees coming to our area. Meeting at 11:30 AM in the library.

  • Refugee Resettlement in Wausau Wisconsin

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    1. God would allow people in the church to see refugees coming to Wausau as an opportunity, not as a setback.
    2. Seven core people would step forward and commit the time to sponsor and interact directly with the family.
    3. The ECDC informational meetings will provide people the information they need to commit so that we can move forward with the application process.