Verse of the week: Luke 1:68

“Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, because he has come to his people and redeemed them.

  • December Ministry of the Month: Worship! We believe worship is not an event, but a lifestyle, a daily expression to God of our faithfulness and praise... 

    So, if you would like to spread some Christmas Cheer, we will be caroling Dec. 14 at 6:30. Meeting at Bethany with hot cocoa to follow! You might be surprised that you're the one getting the cheer!

    Please pray for our overseer candidates: Math W., Russ O., and Vern N. Their bio information is on the bulletin board. Members, the vote will be December 11. Absentee ballots will be available in the office on Dec. 4.

    The Hagar House

    Please visit the Giving Tree in the foyer to purchase much needed items for The Hagar House! Take as many ornaments as you would like and purchase the items on the back. We will be collecting the gifts under the tree and will deliver them on Dec. 18. Please attach your ornament tag to your gift so we know what it is.

    December Schedule

    community eventsMissionary Prayer Alertspray for our afghan refugee family

  • Here is a link to a snippet of the Ukrainian song we sang on Sunday: "soon and very soon"

    1. Andrew, our interpreter friend in Sumi gave an update:

    -There is no current fighting in Sumi, but there is shelling and fighting not too far away.

    -The infrastructure is hit hard, so electricity is limited to just a couple of hours, a couple of times day.

    -To get gas for vehicles, the people have to time their visits to the gas stations when there is power.

    -The church continues to bless the community with food and other resources as they have them.

    -Andrew and his family are healthy and ok. He seemed to be in good spirits when we talked with him on Sunday.

    -Pray the Church in Sumi and Andrew would keep their spirits up, find ways to share resources, and continue to share the gospel.

    2. Zhenya, our Campus Crusade for Christ missionary who is now conscripted in the Ukrainian army:

    -Got to see his family for a 10-day leave.

    -Zhenya’s wife and two boys are staying in Slovakia while the fighting continues.

    -Zhenya’s army unit has been called to serve a third-stint in the fighting.

    -Pray for wisdom for Zhenya’s commanders, and for clear communication so the army unit can stay safe.

    -Pray for resilience in Zhenya’s spirit, and his family and men. The war is dragging on and it wears on everyone.

    -Pray for Zhenya to continue to find ways to share the gospel with his unit and whoever he meets.