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WE EXIST TO provide an atmosphere and resources that aid families and the

Bethany Church family in the spiritual development of children. 

Contact our Children's Ministry Director, Patty Fawley: Email Phone: 715-573-8046

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bible school

June 3-7, 2024

4 years- 6th grade, 9AM-Noon

Kids will explore the Pacific Northwest Coast with stops at Orca Music, Tidepool Crafts, Sandcastle Cove Bible Truths, Shipwreck Games, and Sea Lion Snacks. Learn about the unmovable truth of God in a world of shifting sand through the lives of Daniel, John, Paul, and a rich, young ruler. Mark your calendar now for a fun filled week!

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We are seeking volunteers 7th grade-Adult. 

Contact Patty with questions at 715-573-8046.

  • family Fun Nights

    This is a time for families to interact and have fun being together.

    Meets 2nd Wednesdays monthly, Sept. - April, 6PM

  • Sunday school

    (3 years-5th grade) 9:00-9:45 AM. Small group Bible exploration, activities and memorization. (September through May.)


    Bethany offers parents a chance to engage in Biblical teaching without the distraction that little ones can bring. For that purpose, we staff a nursery for infants to three years old during our 10:00 Sunday service.


    3 years old – 5th grade. Learning Bible truths at a child’s level during our 10:00 service only, also including music and hands on learning. 

  • ARK park

    After church, children are welcome to go outside and enjoy the Ark Park, swings and sandbox.

  • children's library

    When not in class, children are welcome to visit the Kid’s library for quiet play and reading.  To purchase or donate books to our Children's library View our AMAZON WISH LIST 

  • Summer Bible Camp Scholarships

    Because many kids' lives are changed at Summer Bible Camp, we want to assist families in making this possible. Adults committed to this donate financially. Fundraisers are also planned.


    camp scholarship form

    Give online or be sure to write on your check memo line "CAMP SCHOLARSHIP FUND".

families are important at bethany

A mom shared that this week alone she did...

15 Loads of Laundry

  •   15 loads of laundry
  •   Served 126 meals and 56 snacks
  •   Washed 42 bowls, 84 plates, & 154 glasses
  •   Brushed little teeth 59 times
  •   Washed little faces 73 times
  •   And read 64 children’s books

That didn’t count time driving or potty training or the unforgettable moment spent holding a sobbing child because the dog ate his sandwich.


Then Sunday morning all those freshly cleaned bodies got loaded up to come to church, to hear about the plan God has for her life, her husband’s life, and God’s peace that passes understanding. (In their heads peace is that moment between when the children are finally asleep and when they collapse into bed before starting it all over again.)


Belonging to a church is so much more than another event on the family calendar. It is a critical

hour each week when parents can be nurtured with God’s word, while someone else is caring for their children, investing in the next generation and planting seeds, as we teach our young ones what it is to trust in Jesus.


Here at Bethany, we know life is hard, but we don’t do this alone. Because of Jesus, we learn together, grow together, love together and yes, struggle together. You are not alone.