Zhenya and Lena Yazvinskiy


Zhenya is currently drafted into the Ukrainian army and his family is elsewhere for safety reasons:

We had been serving in the mission Ukraine for Christ, or rather in the student ministry Сampus Ukraine as a family for over 13 years. Each of us, after receiving Christ into our hearts, felt a call from God to devote our lives to the ministry of evangelism and discipleship among students. As students, we were simply volunteers for this ministry. We met one each other on the campus projects, then got married and became full-time missionaries. For seven years we, as a family, have served among students in Odessa (southern Ukraine) and for the seventh year we have been serving in Dnipro (center of Ukraine). We have two wonderful sons - Daniel and Matthew.

Email: yazvinskiy.family@gmail.com




Campus Dnepr team


Many of the team have left their houses and apartments and moved to other cities in western Ukraine.

They need finance to rent a house and just keep living to serve our country during this big crisis in Ukraine.

Thus, these funds will go to support members of our team and other missionaries in our mission who are in

particular need. This is my top priority at the moment.