orphan grain train


We have located a quality, local charity called ORPHAN GRAIN TRAIN that is willing to take donations and fly them to their contacts in Poland, Latvia, Romania and Moldova to assist in this Ukrainian crisis.


Urgently needed items

OGT May update

  • Updated prayer requests are in the orange section below.


  • Hello dear friends and partners,

    There is one text from the Bible in the Russian version of the translation. It sounds like this: "a friend loves at all times, and like a brother will appear in times of adversity." So this text is about all of you! Thank you that in this difficult time for our country, we are not alone, but we have a whole team of people like you! Thank you for all the prayers and all the donations! I am so grateful to you!

    The war continues. It's terrible. The Russians are bombing the civilian population, specifically aiming at schools, kindergartens, residential buildings. It feels like they didn't expect us to fight back like that and so they switched to a scorched earth tactic. And now they are just destroying cities. Our Army is strong and very brave. I think that no one expected such resistance from us. The losses of the Russian Army are:

    Aircraft 30

    Helicopters 31

    Tanks 211

    Armored fighting vehicles 862

    Artillery systems 85

    RSZV - 40

    PPO - 9

    Automotive 355

    light boats 2

    Fuel tanks - 60

    Unmanned aerial vehicles - 3

    Soldiers - 5840

    BUT we also have many losses, it is especially painful for the loss of civilians, children, women, the elderly.

    As you know, I wanted to help the army - to carry what they needed, but it turned out that it was not so easy. They won't let me do it, because now only trusted people are used for this, because every city is teeming with Russian saboteurs. Therefore, I wanted to switch to the evacuation of people and we set up the transportation of people from Lviv to the border. I also wanted to go to Kyiv and pick up people from there. BUT as you know, before the war I had a vertebral hernia. And after the first such trip, I became very ill. Because of the back, the leg was very sore and numb. So at the moment I can't travel and help people. It's so hard for me. But I direct your finances to help those Christians who now have financial problems, pay for fuel to those who transport people, repair their cars, transfer finances to the army, and also help those who need to buy food.

    Please pray:

    1. About the peace About a miracle for Ukraine for someone or something to intervene and peace come. To stop the bombing of cities. So that people don't suffer.

    2. Pray for our loved ones who are in dangerous places right now. Especially pray for my brother and family, mother and other relatives and friends in Sumy. The city is surrounded by invaders, but he did not surrender. But there are Russians everywhere. So it's hard there. Pray that God will protect them, so that the electricity does not turn off, so that the heating does not turn off. Also pray for Lena's parents and her brother and his family. They are in Poltava and do not want to leave there. They haven't been bombed there yet, but they're close to Kharkov. Pray that God will keep them.

    3. After the first trip (when I took people from Lviv to the border), I became very ill because of a vertebral hernia. My leg hurt and I couldn't even go to bed all night. Now my leg is numb and I'm a little worried about it. I am planning to go to the hospital. Also our family has a cold. Pray for good health for us and our relatives in Sumy and Poltava.

    4. Pray that I understand how it is possible to help the country and people now in this difficult time and that I can be as effective as possible. Also pray for wisdom in what decisions to make in such circumstances.

Zhenya and Lena Yazvinskiy


Zhenya is currently drafted into the Ukrainian army and his family is elsewhere for safety reasons:

We had been serving in the mission Ukraine for Christ, or rather in the student ministry Сampus Ukraine as a family for over 13 years. Each of us, after receiving Christ into our hearts, felt a call from God to devote our lives to the ministry of evangelism and discipleship among students. As students, we were simply volunteers for this ministry. We met one each other on the campus projects, then got married and became full-time missionaries. For seven years we, as a family, have served among students in Odessa (southern Ukraine) and for the seventh year we have been serving in Dnipro (center of Ukraine). We have two wonderful sons - Daniel and Matthew.

Email: yazvinskiy.family@gmail.com




Campus Dnepr team


Many of the team have left their houses and apartments and moved to other cities in western Ukraine.

They need finance to rent a house and just keep living to serve our country during this big crisis in Ukraine.

Thus, these funds will go to support members of our team and other missionaries in our mission who are in

particular need. This is my top priority at the moment.


prayer requests


  1. Praise- Zhenya was able to talk with his family on 4/17. Please pray for his family.
  2. Please pray for clear communication where Zhenya is serving in the military, and that he can influence the leadership with the gospel.
  3. Pray for the Truth to be told to and propaganda to be seen for what it is.
  4. Pray for wisdom, guidance, creative problem-solving and basic provisions. 
  5. Please pray for the emotional, spiritual, and physical protection and well-being as they are under pressure and concerned about loved ones elsewhere.
  6. Pray for God's comfort for those who have lost loved ones, and their homes.
  7. Pray for divine protection of believers. Pray that Zhenya will not become surrounded by the Russian army. 
  8. Pray for the Gospel to go out powerfully, bringing repentance and transformation. 
  9. Please pray that they can understand what God is calling them to do at this moment and how they can serve God in these circumstances.
  10. Please pray that God would stop the military invasion of Russia and for the Ukrainian military.
  11. Pray for the wounded civilians and soldiers.
  12. Pray that the Ukrainian people and the Russians would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!
  13. Pray for the commanders, leaders, all those in charge to make right decisions.
  14. Pray the war would stop and prevent more human losses.
  15. Pray for Putin to repent or that people in Russia would rally and cause Putin to lose his power. 
  16. Pray that through this invasion, the Putin regime would fall apart into many independent states.
  17. Please pray for Zhenya's back pain.
  18. Please pray for PEACE to reign, not panic.


Praying for Children in conflict